Glossary to Shell Dealer's Technical Terms

...and what they may really mean

by Felix Lorenz & Randy Bridges

what you read on the pricelist.... ... may basically mean...
from an old collection beached
from an old lady the data is faked, the shell is crap
gem anything not beachworn
fine + broken or at least sort of rugged
gem for the species at least 75% of the shell is there
interesting good chance you'll find out what this shell actually was
natural history specimen the holes haven't been fixed
bargain get the hell out of here
pre-melanistic basically has colour
not as heavy as they might get juvenile
a winner won many underwater fights that certainly left their traces
classic form looks somehow xeroxed
almost world record size still inbetween the bold
new stock just oiled my old ones over, or: comes in a fresh bag
rare locality found that on the map
dark has colour
heavy specimen dried mud inside makes thing heavy
choice that's how they came
animal preserved stinky and sticky
fresh stinky (see also "animal preserved")
fresh dead something like "fine for the species"
hard to get hard to get rid of
interesting pattern growth lines all over
healed chip at anterior anterior chipped off but shell could survive (see "gem of the species")
rarely on lists see "hard to get"
classic rarity faded
literally gem has the letters "gem" in its name (e.g. gemmosa)
for experts common stuff at five times its value
deep water form without colour, and/or juvenile
from the trawlers beaten up
beginners bargain kick in the rear price
fresh colour soaked with oil
funny shape see "from the Trawlers"
beginning melanism standard colour before they become "classic"
good size comes in a big bag
fragile broken
large monsters comes in a big box with lots of styrofoam
Only one no refund
special a combination of "new stock" and "good size"
newly named overpriced
by native fishermen dragged them out of one of those baskets
rare had to actually pay for these
displays well a hole in one side
great dorsal aspect a hole on the base
good value good repair
good pretty bad
representative ugly but probably the thing, I guess
the real thing looks like the real broken thing in that book (e.g. ostergaardi in Burgess, 1985)
never before offered made up the name before anyone else did
unbelievable unbelievable
incomparable unrecognizable
delicate gets lost in the mail or won't be found in its bag
barely noticable no glasses needed to see that
giant doesn't fit in the small bags, or: bigger than mine
dwarf not small enough
cute too small
freak stuff that normally gets thrown away (see "natural history specimen")
new locality it wasn't on my old map
crabbed crapped (see: "freak")
new variety doesn't look the way it should
the actual nominate form anything to sell these
hard to describe I could not find them in the book either
new species today's rarity, tomorrow's "actual nominate form"
not exactly gem broken
sub-rostrate just normal
endemic from Hawaii (a definition given by C.M. Burgess)
c/f... I wished it was...
almost gem anything except gem
Connoisseur's choice excellent fixing job
Connoisseur's choice did Monsieur Connoisseur really choose that crap?
bizarre beauty thousands of tiny drillholes
smooth lip smoothed lip
natural defect see "freak"
f+/gem somewhat defective
cloudy pattern partly washed-off pattern
ex pisce either dull or polished
possible hybrid with... resembles...
basic data wrong name, no data
exceptional correct name
from an old collection (II) has a number painted on or/and glue in aperture
slight erosion barely recognizable
unique only one left in stock
recently described described after World War II
almost unobtainable we found a reef full of these, but we sell them one at a time
very rare reports that these are actually common are only available locally
from Hawaii Lost the data but range includes Hawaii
selected all that was left
best one we've seen ONLY one we've seen
minor growth scar cracked
granulated coral still stuck on it
extremely variable all ugly
does not detract from beauty data slip in Braille
gem of the first water should have been left in the water
typical boring
does not detract defect is only thing you will see
delicious seriously overgraded second we desperately want to dump
microdefects Still visible from outer space
rare in this condition I wasn't drunk when I graded this
Not illustrated in Lorenz ... I'm a lot brighter than him

for any suggestions and terms we did not mention please send me a mail....

many thanks to all the collectors and dealers who contributed (I am aware that a lot of them are coming from my own list, so hey...!)