macintosh forum-sumbission

This is a forum-contribution of mine,
I am afraid only retro-mac owners will understand

mating-mount of macs

Interesting photo. It is rare to see a mating-mount of three different species, also known as a hybrid-sandwich. The LC II is the female in a typical position. The male Classic II on top obviously got attracted by the "II" in the name of the LC, attacking anything female due to lack of conspecific mating partners. Note the excited expression on his screen and the tongue sticking out of his slot!!
BTW, one hypothesis why the lineage of Cube-shaped species is at the brink of extinction: mating got increasingly hazardous with height of the shell. Other authors have suggested that derived lineages, such as the Performa 250, may actually be descendants of these rare interbreeding processes (see also Hanselman & Hirschhorn, 1998: Ever since the SE. Darwin Press, London)