making fun of dive-computers

 Bubbleman Venus69

The Venus 69 comes with a revolutionary new interface system and a number of enhanced options that suit the requirements of modern SCUBA-divers.

- easy-to-use interface, fully intuitional keyboard

- solar powered

- built-in microphone and water proof cigarette lighter

- 20 MB download capacity for ringing-tones and fun-displays

- play your favorite videogames on a 2" color screen

- receive up to 12 TV channels underwater

- receive phone calls, edit and send text messages to all worldwide phone services

- surf in the WWW while diving, online banking and -gaming

- iTunes compatible, download and listen to 60 GB of your favorite MP3's

- 43 different buttons!

The Venus69 - more than a simple dive computer!!



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Hey, I said look at me!



What is wrong?! You dont look at me the way you used to!?


 Beep, Shriek, klonk:

Who is that woman diving next to you??

Please report if your Venus69 has given you a funny message!

Customer comments:

 But surely - you're kidding, right? Solar-powered?! That's soooo yesterday! The new models now all run on these enchanting little survival - mode - DIY wind-up-cranks, to help you stay fit and work on your upper triceps definition while using your friendly bubbleman phone, TV, computer thingie underwater! (SF)

The Venus-windup-cranks are available optionally (Order No. 9387465832746)