The real meaning of Computer Terms (thanks to Bruno for these)
Log on Make the fire hotter
Log off Don't add any more wood
Monitor Keep an eye on that fire
Download Getting the firewood off the bakkie
Floppy disk What you get from trying to carry too much firewood
Ram The thing that splits the firewood
Hard Drive Getting home in a heavy rain storm
Prompt What the postal service used to be
Window What to shut when it's cold outside
Screen What to shut in mosquito season
Byte What the mosquitoes do
Bit What the mosquitoes did
Mega Byte What the Mocambiquean mosquitoes do
Chip Of the "Slap" variety at old "T" Rooms
Micro Chip What's left in the bag after you eat the crisps
Modem What you did to the hay fields
Dot matrix Old Dan Matrix's wife
Laptop Where the kitty sleeps
Software The dumb plastic knives and forks they give you at the Wimpy
Hardware The real stainless steel cutlery
Mouse What eats the grain in the shed
Mainframe What holds the shed up
Enter City talk for - "come on in, eh"
Web What a spider makes
Web site The shed or the attic
Cursor Someone who swears
Search Engine What you do when the car dies
Screen Saver A repair kit for the torn window screen
Home Page A map you keep in your back pocket just in case you get lost in the field
Upgrade Steep hill
Server The person at the Wimpy that brings the food
Mail Server The guy at the Wimpy that brings the food
MSDOS Some new disease they discovered
Sound Card One them technological birthday cards that plays music when you open it .
User The neighbor who keeps borrowing stuff
Browser What they call you when your eye brows grow together
Network When you have to repair your fishing net
Internet Complicated fish net repair method
Netscape When a fish manoeuvres out of reach
Online When you get the laundry hung out on the washline
Off line When the clothes pegs let go and the laundry falls on the ground