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This page and the pages it is linked to was last modified in April 2011.
It is shown merely for historical reasons, as it documents changes of knowledge and mindset from
back then to now. Most of its contents is rather obsolete.

CYPRAEIDAE - Online Articles by Dr. Felix Lorenz

Discussions of some taxa
Eclogavena dayritiana dani - a preliminary opinion
dayritiana dani
stolida brianoi
Cribrarula cribraria ganteri - an interesting subspecies from Sri Lanka - now a subspecies of abaliena
cribraria ganteri
cribrarula gravida
Crbrarula pellisserpentis
pulchella aliguayensis
Nesiocypraea alexhuberti from the Andaman Sea - a picture of a nice one.
Ovatipsa chinensis ssp., and the mysterious coloba from Natal
Purpuradusta oryzaeformis - an overlooked species

Pustularia chiapponii *

Pustularia chiapponii

Zoila friendii marina

Zoila friendii marina

Zoila jeaniana thalamega

Zoila thalamega

Discussions of taxa and genera
Cribrarula - an overview to the smaller Pacific species

Cribrarula cribraria comma and e. francescoi - now separate valid species

cribraria comma
Cribrarula taitae - a short discussion
Cribrarula taitae

Cypraeovula - the mysterious species of the "Crossia" complex *


Cypraeovula algoensis & edentula - the proper use of their names *

Cypraeovula algoensis

Cypraeovula iutsuina, perdentata, and other deep water species * - obsolete

Cypraeovula iutsuina
Erosaria cernica and its subspecies - obsolete
Erosaria cernica

Erosaria kingae, just a form of bernardi *

Erosaria kingae
Erosaria ocellata - a variable jewel
Erosaria ocellata

Leporicypraea mappa and its subspecies * - grossly obsolete

Leporicypraea mappa
Luria cinerea brasilensis - an interesting subspecies
Luria cinerea brasilensis

Lyncina "kurohawaii" a possible hybrid form * - now called aliceae (and still a hybrid in my opinion)

Lyncina sulcidentata
Lyncina porteri and joycae - a comparison of two close allies
Lyncina joycae
Mauritia histrio f. maculabasis - an interesting mutation
histrio f. maculabasis
Monetaria annulus f. dilatissima - an interesting populations from Aden
annulus f. dilatissimus
Monetaria caputdraconis poppei - a good subspecies
Monetaria caputdraconis poppei
Muracypraea mus and its forms
Muracypraea mus
Nesiocypraea lisetae, maricola and the infamous look-alikes
lisetae and look-alikes
"Notadusta" hungerfordi and its geographic subspecies and forms
Cypraea hungerfordi
Notadusta martini - a widespread species
Ransoniella martini
Notocypraea revisited
Notocypraea comptonii
Palmadusta diluculum and its forms
Palmadusta diluculum
Perisserosa guttata - a look at its subspecies and varieties
Perisserosa guttata
Pustularia - a closer look at its species - a bit obsolete
Pustularia bistrinotata jandeprezi

Umbilia - its living species *

Umbilia oriettae
Umbilia hesitata f. portlandensis - a western subspecies? - now called suprastrata (not by me though)
Zoila eludens f. decepticolor - a "new form" and some critical thoughts on taxonomy - meant as a joke already back then
Zoila venusta - a critical look at another "new form"
Zoila venusta

Cypraea tigris - a gallery of freaks
Cypraea tirgis
Lyncina lynx deformed (Ford's-desease)
Lyncina lynx

Monetaria annulus: The Bunnies and the Hookers - a gallery freaks *

Monetaria annulus bunny

Subfossil cowry

Pleistocene Cowries from Egypt *

fossil cowry
fossil cowry


The provinces and classic localities of Cypraeidae -a tool for dealers and collectors

Lissenung Island, Kavieng, New Ireland (PNG)

Cowries of Sri Lanka - a report on the cowries from the south of the Island

Fantastic Cowries from Micronesia

Other subjects

About the protoconch - an introduction to a new field of study within the Cypraeidae

Gallery of taxa introduced by F. Lorenz *

Gallery of our shells (please note: none of these are for sale)

Snowflake-dots in Zoila - a defect or a feature adding to the character of the shell?

Living animals of rare species


And finally.... some stuff that I do not agree with
Mauritia maculifera hawaiiensis - a critical look at a superfluous synonym

Ransoniella punctata - a critical look at taxonomy gone wild

Zoila orientalis gabensis - a superfluous synonym, the holotype of orientalis


Disclaimer: The purpose of this site is to support the study of Cypraeidae. The evaluations for the status of taxa as well as the choice of forma-names in the checklists and the various articles were made partly on the basis of carefully conducted conchological studies whereas others are the result of my personal mood at some point and time. No responsibility for the correctness of any components of this site is taken. When reading any of the statements, decisions and choices reflected here, remember that nothing on this website represents a valid publication comparable to printed text in a scientific magazine. Changes may always occur and no guarantee is given that whatever I am writing here is going to be the final word. All of it is placed here merely for your information and viewing pleasure.

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