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Worldwide Seashells... Dr. Felix Lorenz

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Dear Friends,

sorry, for the moment I am not taking or sending out orders until Corona is under control. May those that ruin everything die of the virus.

Happy shelling and be safe... life is good

[*] behind the size: the offer refers to the specimen in the picture.
[x] in the item number: the picture shows a sample from the respective lot. In these offers, there is no asterisk behind the size.
[z] after the item number: a larger series of shells from the same lot as the one marked "x", selected to better display variability.
[POR] = price on request. These are not necessarily very high prices - I just don't want everybody to see them.

If the thumbnails in the galleries show the wrong shell: please refresh your browser. As I recycle the numbers, an obsolete pic might still be in your cache.
Note that only the "list view" shows all offers, especially in the cowries-department.

Please also read the terms of sale below if you are new to this site.

Terms of Sale

Contact: eMail: for all orders and communication. Mailing address: Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 12, 35418 Buseck, Germany. Languages spoken: English, Deutsch, Francais (modeste)


Prices are in Euro, payment should be made within two weeks after receipt, but we can work out a payment plan for larger puchases.

No payment in advance is necessary, unless you are a new customer, then I ask for a 50% deposit after I sent you a quote for your order.

Paypal is ok for any amount (no fees will be charged but, if possible, please make your payment "to friends and family"):

Bank transfers are welcome for higher amounts, my banking information will be given by eMail: Volksbank (EU), Wells Fargo (USA), NAB (Australia).

Bank cheques are accepted only for amounts exceeding Eur 500.

NOT accepted: Western Union, Moneygram, and no more credit cards, because managing your data in compliance with the DSGVO laws makes it too hard, sorry.


Orders should be sent by eMail (not via Facebook, please), listing: Lot-Number, species name, price, total ordering amount. I will then send you a quote for the order, depending on what is available. Established customers await their shipment and pay conveniently after receipt and approval.

New customers please dont't forget your full name and mailing address with your first order. Minimum ordering amount is 200 Euro.


Usually 14 Euros within Europe and 20 Euros overseas, postage is free for orders exceeding 600 Euros. All shipments are sent priority and trackable, by DHL Germany. I'll ship anywhere except to South America, and countries with leaders that are even more crazy than ours. Sorry, China is blocked by DHL at the moment.

Returning shells

Returns are no problem within seven days after receipt and for whatever reason. The shipment should be declared as "empty seashells (no protected species), returned after study, customs code 97050000901, no commercial value". Please send return shipments by registered Mail, Air Mail from overseas. Please do not use any private mail-services, but the public mail services.


  • gem: a flawless specimen without chips, scars or healed marks.
  • f+/gem: this term is used for specimens with barely noticable natural irregularities - still "gem" to most collectors and dealers.
  • fine (f): a specimen with natural irregularities, or slight defects. However, I do not consider a shell as "fine" if the flaw seriously affects the beauty or the morphological characteristics of the shell.
  • good (gd): a shell with apparent defects.
  • dead (fresh dead): a specimen that was not livecollected, it may appear "gem", others may show the apparent signs of a dead taken shell (drill holes, wear of the nacre). Please refer to the accompaining explanations and the photo for more details.


Sorry, but there will be no discounts, because I respect those clients who agree to my prices, and I do my best to give everybody a great deal. Those that have done business with me in the past will confirm that I am a more than generous person in that regard.